Yasmine Nash


Her Secret Scandal

A Former Heiress...
Heiress Alexandra Morland lives a charmed life until her mother reveals a life-shattering secret on her deathbed. Alexa’s world is immediately turned upside down by the revelation. Kicked out of her former home, she arrives in London in near ruin, with barely more than the clothes on her back.

A Man With Ambition...
Henry Northam can’t stand to sit idle. Even though he’s the heir to a large fortune and title, Henry has ambitions to make a career for himself in the law. His family doesn’t approve and he knows a wife wouldn’t either—he’s had his heart broken enough times to prove that.

Their Bond Will Be Tested...
One day Alexandra and Henry meet by chance and sparks begin to fly. Can Henry let his guard down and trust Alexa with his heart? And how long will Alexa be able to hide her scandalous secret from the man she is starting to love?


Tempting the Duke

Available July 1, 2020

A Man Who’s Gaining Everything

When the Duke of Devonshire unexpectedly becomes guardian to 18-year-old Louisa Kellynch, his plan is to send her off to boarding school the first chance he gets. But after he meets her, his desire begins warring with his sense of duty.

A Young Woman With Nothing to Lose

Since Louisa is unable to inherit her family's entailed estate, she comes up with the next best plan: seduce and marry the duke so she can regain what’s rightfully hers. Only she's soon at risk for falling in over her head...

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About Yasmine

Yasmine Nash is an author of Regency romance novels. In her spare time, she bakes recipes inspired by the Great British Baking Show and tries her hand (very poorly) at embroidery. Yasmine lives in the Midwest with her family and her two dogs, Darcy and Tilney.


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